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On this site, my 'museum of learning how to code flash', you'll find about 120 more or less accurate re-codings of some of my favorite C64 cracktros.

Being a real C64-weirdo, but born too late to have actively participated in the scene in the good old days, I've always been playing around re-'coding' my beloved cracker intros in various languages.

Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary sparetime anymore to keep on coding more flashtros, but since quite a lot of people liked them, I'll let this site remain online.

For those kids, who don't have even a vague idea of what a datasette or even a floppy disk might be, this could be of interest, too :)


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Random Flashtro

Excess #1 FLASHTRO
Original C64 Intro credits

coder : Liquid

artist : X-Ample Architectures

musician : unknown

Flash re-code by: Doc Snyder

Rating: 4 / 100